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Hey guys!

I hope your first day back after the long weekend was a good one! I love those extra days off, but then the subsequent work days can kind of drag, you know? Hopefully that isn’t the case this week!

I saw this “Name Your Favorite” survey pop up on a few blogs that I read and I figured I’d give it a shot! A good survey is fun every now and then, right? :-)

Name Your Favorite…

Person – Guess I’ll go with these two goobers!


This picture is from when we first got Stewie!

Yes, I know Stewie isn’t a person, but it counts anyway!

Color – Purple for sure, followed by pink!

Chris & Erica 232

Purple dresses!

Food – Can I just say all desserts? (Specifically, cake!) My favorite non-dessert food is pizza.

Smell – Fresh baked cookies… yum!

BookThe Great Gatsby

MovieMean Girls

Time of day – 4:30PM (the end of the work day)… or lunch time! 😉

Day of the week – It’s a toss up between Friday and Saturday! I love Fridays after work when the entire weekend is ahead of me, but Saturdays are great too.

Thing to do when bored – Read magazines (my stack keeps getting bigger!)

Celebrity – Jennifer Aniston or Reese Witherspoon

Drink – I have been loving margaritas lately!


Watermelon with sugar on the rim!

TV show – Friends… always Friends! It’s the one show I will never get tired of.

Fruit – Strawberries

Vegetable – Cucumbers or bell peppers… or green beans!

Store/shop – Target is my favorite “everything” store, but my favorite clothing store is LOFT.

Workout – Any Les Mills class or spin!



Quote  – This has been my favorite for a long time:


Image Source

This is another good one:


Image Source

Boy’s name  – No comment

Girl’s name – No comment

You gotta keep that stuff quiet! 😉

Potato chip flavor – Is “Doritos nacho cheese” a chip flavor? LOL I have been majorly craving Doritos lately, so they’re on my mind!

Meal of the day – Dessert!



Ice cream flavor – Cookies ‘n’ cream

Season – Summer

Dessert – Cake, cookies, brownies, ice cream, crème brulee… I don’t think I’ve ever met a dessert I didn’t like!

Lifehack – I wish I had a lifehack, but I tend to do things the most complicated way possible!

What is your favorite time of day?

Favorite ice cream flavor?

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    • 4thesakeofcake says:

      Ah for some reason I can’t get on board with the mint/chocolate combo! Cookies and cream is SO good though!

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