Engagement Gift Idea: For the Bride-to-Be

My friend Sara is engaged!

I mentioned that I had dinner plans with her last night, which were of course to catch up on her recent trip to wine country (aka, my favorite place in all the land), as well as her engagement! Being almost three years removed from wedding planning, I had almost forgotten how fun it can all be.

Of course I wanted to get Sara a gift to celebrate! I had so much fun putting this all together. Like I said, it took me right back to my own wedding planning days.

I was pretty happy with what I came up with, so I figured I’d share my idea in case you find yourself in need of an engagement gift for a bride-to-be any time soon.

Engagement Gift Idea

I got the plastic storage container that I used as a base at Target in the children’s section. It has a fun, pink pattern on it, and it’s something that can be reused (it came with a lid, which I gave to Sara separately). I also used pink “filler” to line the bottom of the container (purchased at Michael’s).

Contents (and where to buy!):

  • Copy of our “local” (Philadelphia/Delaware) The Knot magazine – Barnes & Noble
  • Page markers (no dog-earring pages!) – Barnes & Noble 
  • Ring pops – Bed, Bath, and Beyond
  • Ring-shaped Post-it notes – Target
  • Essie nail polish in “Got Engaged!” – Ulta (too perfect, right?!)
  • Two mini bottles of pink moscato champagne – Liquor store (These were in the “alternative packaging” aisle… who knew that was a thing?)

I got the paper straws for the champagne at Target, and tied them with pink and white string I found at Michael’s.

Engagement Gift_3

What I tried to achieve here was a good mix of practical (magazine, book, nail polish), and fun (ring pops and champagne).

If you’re married, what was your most useful wedding-planning tool? I loved flipping through any wedding magazine I could get my hands on!

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