Weekend Getaway

Hey everyone! Happy Friday!

I’m typing up this post from the airport. (Although it won’t be “live” until I’m at my destination because the airport wi-fi is being wonky!) As I mentioned earlier this week, I’m headed to Florida for the weekend! I’m excited to have a few days off of work (Friday and Monday), and enjoy some truly warm weather.

Chris is in Florida for work, and although he anticipated having to work every day of his trip, he is hoping to have off tomorrow. My fingers are crossed because if he’s off, I think we’re going to try to make a trip to Magic Kingdom.

Essentially, my goals for this weekend are to soak up some sun, bask in the warmth, and hopefully try a Dole Whip. (How have I been to Disney multiple times and not tried one of these before?!)

I hope to check-in on Sunday, but if not then early next week for sure. Enjoy your weekend, friends!

Have you ever tried a Dole Whip?
What are you up to this weekend?

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