Home Decorating: The Living Room

I’ve mentioned this on the blog a few times in the past: Chris and I are the slowest-moving home decorators ever. If there were an award for this, we would win it. We have been in our house for almost two years and just started getting to work.

Our house is new construction, so it’s truly a blank slate. This can be a good thing and a bad thing. While it’s nice to start “fresh,” it’s also overwhelming and can make the house feel very sterile and not exactly like “home.”

This past weekend, we finished our living room! One room down, 7 more + 3 bathrooms to go!

Now, onto the details…

We painted the walls Gray Frost by Olympic. I originally thought this would be more of a true gray, but it’s actually a blue/gray. We will be painting our kitchen the same color since the two rooms are open to each other.


We purchased the furniture—a couch, a chaise, and a recliner—from La-Z-Boy. The style is from their “Bree” line and the color of the chaise and couch is tobacco. It’s almost like a combination of gray, brown, and sage green.


The recliner is a light tan microfiber, which was a really genius move considering black fur pretty much pours off of our dog. 😉 (Hence the blanket draped over the chair; there’s no keeping this pug off of the furniture!)

The pillows—a fun print in grays and light yellow—came with the furniture.


We also plan on buying a coffee table from La-Z-Boy that has two pull out side tables included. (This is the only thing we have left to purchase for the room!) The style is very similar to the table we are using now with a metal base and sleek, simple top.

Our cube storage unit costs a mere $40 from Target.


While the quality isn’t top of the line, it does the job just fine! We purchased it in espresso to match the TV stand we already have (purchased from Ikea several years ago, that we hope to upgrade eventually!).


The decorative lamp is also from Target; I needed to have some chevron in this room.

We also purchased a new floor lamp (at Target) for the room.


Chris wasn’t a big fan of our old light—it was a bit harsh—and this one gives off a much softer light.

The curtains were yet another Target purchase. They are a charcoal grey color from their Threshold collection.


Lastly, we needed a new doormat since we enter our house from the garage into the living room. I had originally purchased a darker, printed rug, but exchanged it in favor of this lighter one. I love it!


All of the wall décor were items we already had; we think they still work pretty well.


I have to toot my own horn for a minute and say I’m pretty impressed that I was able to pull together different colors and patterns into one cohesive room. It definitely ended up just how we wanted it. (I feel like the late-afternoon lighting + iPhone pictures don’t do it justice!) The room is cozy, comfortable, and feels like home!


Next up, the kitchen…

What color is your living room? I think I’ve asked this before, but refresh my memory! :-)

How comfortable are you with mixing patterns in a room?

What tips do you have for “decorating” a kitchen? We already have the paint, and of course that is the biggest and most intricate thing to do. We don’t need any furniture, as we already have a nice, functional kitchen table. I’d love to do a tile backsplash, but I don’t think we’ll have the budget for that in the near future!

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  1. Allee at Griselda Mood says:

    Our new house is new construction too (we bought it from its first owners who got relocated so it’s only18 months old) but we have been so, so slow to decorate it. I still feel like I shouldn’t put a hole in the wall even though it’s MY house! Maybe that’s why most mortgages are 30 years long…gives us slow pokes enough time to decorate it! 😉

    • 4thesakeofcake says:

      Buying this new furniture was such a big step for us! We had bought a used “leather” sectional from a friend and been using that for the past year and a half, but it just wasn’t all that comfortable and it was starting to crack is several spots. I’m hoping that this furniture will last us a looong time though, because “adult” furniture isn’t cheap! lol

    • 4thesakeofcake says:

      This, our kitchen, and our bedroom are the only rooms that have “real” furniture right now. Our dining room has a crappy Target desk and a dog crate, and our “formal” living room (HA!) has busted Ikea furniture!

  2. Ashley says:

    The room turned out great! Very cozy and welcoming. I like when rooms that get lots of use like a family room don’t take themselves too seriously – it’s gotta be comfortable! All of our common areas are painted Burnished Clay by Behr. Decorating a kitchen is hard and you really have to rely on your cabinets/counters/fixtures to be the star of the show. I keep my stand mixer on the counter for a pop of color, and I spray painted my knife block. Things like kitchen towels and fruit bowls are nice ways to bring in other colors/textures too.

  3. Sara says:

    I love it – it all comes together and def looks like “home”! Love the color on the wall and the furniture looks so cozy! Our walls are just a beige/tan so I’m jealous of your walls!! :)

    • 4thesakeofcake says:

      Yeah, no sense in rushing! We’d rather take our time and do stuff nice than rush to get everything together and have to re-do it within a few years!

  4. Nancy says:

    When it comes to home decor I take a lot of help from online resources about interior designing and try to follow their tips. I must say you have good eye to detail and decorated the room which looks simple yet elegant.

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