Sunday Snapshots – 1/12

Hey guys!

Phew—I’m finally sitting down to blog after a long day.

Let’s jump right into my weekend recap!

Saturday morning started off at spin class, which I’ve really been loving lately. I know I mentioned on the blog that my gym is closed for renovations, but they are still offering group exercises classes at off-site locations—thank God!

The spin location happens to be a stone’s throw away from Panera, so I stopped there to pick up an oatmeal before heading home.

Sunday Snaps 4

This was my first time trying Panera’s oatmeal and it was really good—definitely better than Dunkin’, and a worthy opponent of Starbucks.

The rest of our Saturday was spent at a car dealership—Chris is getting a new SUV! This is actually his first brand new car ever, so that’s exciting for him. He currently drives a monster truck Ford F150, and to put it bluntly, I hate that thing. It guzzles gas and is expensive to maintain; I also pretty much need to take a running start to even get in it! Plus, it’s nearing the ripe old age of 100,000 miles, so it’s time to part ways.

Anyway, he’s getting a 2014 Jeep Cherokee! It will hopefully be at the dealer later this week, and when we get it I will make him pose cheesily in front of it so I can show you all!

We didn’t end up leaving the dealership until well after 5:00PM. Once you cough up the dough for a new car, you realize you need to eat dinner at home instead of out at a restaurant. 😉

Sunday Snaps 5

We made a new-to-us chicken recipe, which I plan to share on Tuesday. It was so easy to make and was very good! I love a baked chicken recipe, because there’s less cleanup than making it in a skillet. (Unless I’m the only one that ends up with grease everywhere?!)

This morning we were up early for church, and afterwards we went to a local diner for breakfast.

Sunday Snaps 6

I also had an unpictured side of bacon—delish! (In case you didn’t know, chocolate + bacon = breakfast of champions.)

To balance out this breakfast, I had a green smoothie for lunch.

Sunday Snaps 7

(And then to balance out the green smoothie, I had mini peanut butter cups for dessert tonight! haha)

Besides normal weekend things (cleaning, laundry…), I finally got around to cleaning out our freezer, fridge, pantry, and lazy Susan.

Sunday Snaps 2

It felt good to get rid of expired stuff and things we never eat.

After the clean-out, I got to work making cauliflower mac ‘n’ cheese for dinner (one of my favorites).

Sunday Snaps 3

I also prepped a casserole for tomorrow’s dinner, so all we’ll have to do is stick it in the oven!

And just for kicks and to end this post with something to make you smile, here’s a picture of my favorite little pug from today:

Sunday Snaps 1

Doesn’t that look comfortable?! 😉

What’s your favorite mac ‘n’ cheese variation?

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