The 2014 PA Farm Show with PennAg Industries

Last Friday, I was given the opportunity to attend the Pennsylvania Farm Show as a guest of Penn Ag Industries and to tour their exhibit and get a taste of the delicious Farm Show food.


Just like last year (recaps here and here), I attended with a group of fellow Pennsylvania bloggers.

Our tour of the exhibit started in their “field area” where we learned about different types of crops.


Another topic of conversation was GMO’s. I’m definitely not an expert and don’t feel like starting up a heated debate ( 😉 ), but one thing that stood out to me was that even products labeled as “organic” can be genetically modified. Just like last year, the speaker emphasized how important it is to utilize things that make farming easier and yield a higher quantity. The particular farmer who was speaking to our group shared a startling statistic… If everything to feed the entire world was grown organically, the world would starve within three months (just something to think about!).

The next part of our tour took us to a natural gas well head display set up by the folks of Marcellus Shale. By installing these well heads on farms, it helps farmers to reduce fuel costs as well as bring in additional money via monthly royalties.

One of my favorite parts of the exhibit—just like last year—was the live farm animals. We moved from veal cows to dairy cows to beef cows.



I was most interested in the beef exhibit (although all of the cows were pretty cute!). We learned about different types of non-traditional feed stocks, which I hadn’t heard of before. For example, cows raised around my part of the county—central PA—can be given “candy meal” which is broken down pieces of chocolate “scraps” from the Hershey plant. Chowing down on chocolate—these are my kind of cows. (Side note: These feeds are so broken down by the cow’s digestion that they don’t affect the final product… so you’re not eating chocolate in steak form or anything!)

We also paid a visit to the pig pen, where there were piglets born on December 24, as well as the chicken/poultry area of the exhibit.


Another fun fact to share with you all—the color of egg a chicken produces depends on the color of their ear lobe, not the color of their feathers. So a white chicken can produce a brown egg if they have a brown ear lobe. No need to thank me for enlightening you with this information. 😉

After our guided tour of the Penn Ag exhibit, we gathered for a picture before sitting down to sample some of the yummy Farm Show food.


Photo courtesy of Danielle


I selected the roasted veal sandwich which was melt-in-your-mouth delicious.


I just pretend I don’t know what it’s made of. (Danielle was definitely giving me the side eye though, haha!)

No trip to the Farm Show is complete without a milkshake!


Last year, I sampled the vanilla and this year I went for the vanilla/chocolate combo—so good!

For those of you in the area, the PA Farm Show runs through this Saturday. Admission is free, and parking is $10. Don’t forget to stop by the Penn Ag exhibit while you’re there!

Have you ever been to the PA Farm Show?

Do you have anything similar to this in your area?

Favorite farm animal? Cows are cute and I do enjoy their moo-ing. :-)

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