Sunday Snapshots + Weekly Meal Plan


I trust that you all had a great weekend! This week, I’m combining my Sunday Snapshots post with my meal plan post since I didn’t take many pictures this weekend and this week’s meal plan is sort of random just like last week.

Let’s start with a quick weekend recap…

I mentioned in yesterday’s post that I started my weekend with a trip to my local urgent care clinic. Thank goodness I did, because my sore throat felt infinitely better Saturday morning. (I’ve still got an annoying runny nose though!)

I picked up dinner for Chris and I after getting my prescriptions. Obviously, I wasn’t up for making anything.

Sunday Snaps12_1

Ya know what’s awesome? Chick fil A Polynesian sauce… that’s what’s up.

Saturday was spent cleaning and organizing all of the post-Christmas mess that we had going on; it was desperately needed! I also managed to pull myself together and go to church before settling in for a lazy night at home.

This morning started off with some (healthified) blueberry French toast casserole…

Sunday Snaps12_2

…and, of course, a large Dunkin’.

Sunday Snaps12_3

The rest of the morning was spent being lazy. It was raining, after all.

Sunday Snaps12_4

Chris and I eventually made it out the door to meet his family for lunch and get our grocery shopping done for the week. Which I guess is a good segue into the meal plan portion of this post… ;-)

Week of Dec30

Garlicky Baked Shrimp

I never got around to making this last week, so it’s on the meal plan for tomorrow night.

Steak a la Chris

Chris said he wanted to make something this week, so we picked up some steak for him to grill/cook/whatever. We’ll see what he comes up with! Honestly, I don’t even care; I just appreciate a night off from dinner duty every now and then!

Grape and Goat Cheese Pizzette

I’m trying out a recipe from my new cookbook, The Real Girl’s Kitchen. This seems super simple to make (I “cheated” and bought pre-made pizza dough). We’re having salads on the side as the pizzette probably definitely won’t be enough to make either of us full!

Chick fil A Polynesian sauce—who’s with me?

Who usually makes dinner in your house—you? another family member? a significant other?

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