Meal Plan Monday: 12/23

We’re in the final Christmas countdown—is everyone ready?!

This week’s meal plan is, of course, a little different than a typical week. I knew we would definitely need something for tonight. Tomorrow night, we’ll be having Christmas Eve dinner at Chris’s parents’ house. Wednesday we’ll be with family, too. That leaves just Thursday and Friday.

I wasn’t really sure if we’d be making dinner at home, so I planned out two “back up” meals just in case. These meals require frozen ingredients, so if we don’t get to them this week, I’ll already have a head-start on a future meal plan.


Week of Dec23

Pot roast sandwiches

This is tonight’s dinner. I knew I wanted to make it to the gym tonight, and then I have a nail appointment at 7:30PM. I had the pot roast cooking in the slow cooker all day, so Chris can shred it up and make his sandwich whenever he’s ready to eat without having to wait for me.

Garlicky baked shrimp

You’ve seen this recipe on here before—it’s a household favorite that comes highly recommended if you like shrimp! Since I always have most of the required ingredients on-hand, all I had to buy was a bag of frozen shrimp. Like I said, if we don’t get to make this meal this week, we’re one step ahead for next week… works for me!


I already had a box of these in our freezer from last week, so I figured it would be an easy, “in a pinch” meal if we needed it! I’m not really sure what I’ll make as a side dish, but I’m sure I’ll be able to figure something out. ;-)

What do you traditionally have for Christmas Eve or Christmas Day dinner?

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