Thursday Thoughts

Well, we’ve finally almost made it to the weekend. This has been a slow week for me, so I’ve been antsy for a few days off.

And now for a random “brain dump”…

I love Panera.

Cinnamon Crunch bagel

Seriously, how delicious is Panera? We had a Panera breakfast at work this morning and I was so pumped to see cinnamon crunch bagels. So for breakfast this morning I had a cinnamon crunch bagel and a cookie the size of my head. Yeah, about those October goals

I guess it’s fall.


Last week, it was hot (80*+) and humid. I didn’t complain because I knew what was coming… fall. I guess it’s officially going to be constantly brisk and gloomy around here… wah.

People need to stop.

There are two types of people that I really cannot stand… braggers and know-it-alls. These people really need to stop.


Stewie is the cutest dog.


It’s a fact.

Wow… four whole thoughts. My brain is really working overtime tonight. 😉 And with that it’s time for a shower and a warm, cozy bed!

What’s one type of person that you think just needs to STOP?

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    • 4thesakeofcake says:

      It’s delicious! The only thing Chris doesn’t like about it is that he thinks the portions are small for the price. It’s plenty of food for me, but I guess I can see where he’s coming from.

  1. Logan @ spinningINTOcontrol says:

    So I was at a Chamber luncheon and while we were in line getting food, the lady next to me said “I wish I could just get half a potato and half a piece of chicken. I just can’t eat. I’ve never been able to eat.” I responded with “yeah, I wish I could say I have the same problem.” That lady needed to just STOP.

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