Sunday Snapshots – 9/8

Wah… why can’t this be another 3-day weekend?! I guess I should get used to it, since I don’t think another day off will come until Chris and I go on vacation at the beginning of November… sigh.

I really didn’t do much this weekend, but most of time, I’m perfectly okay with that. I like to use my two days to catch up on things I didn’t get to during the week, as well as “work ahead” to be on top of things for the new week. I have this horrible habit of starting the week on my “A game,” and then having an “ah, who cares?!” attitude by Thursday… must work on this! 😉

Friday after work, I had a nail appointment followed by a pizza + beer date with my two main men (Chris and Stewie, of course!).

Sunday Snaps14_1

We had heard good things about Pumking beer late last fall, and by that time it was sold out everywhere. Last week, we stumbled upon a display at Wegman’s and couldn’t resist. This stuff isn’t cheap – I think it was $9 for a pint – but it did live up to our expectations.

Saturday morning Chris went in to work, and I got started a bit later than I had planned. I made my way to the gym and completed 1 mile of power-walking on the treadmill, followed by an elliptical workout I found via Pinterest.

The rest of my day Saturday was spent cleaning (surprise, surprise) before going to church and then the grocery store. Yes, Chris and I have hit a new low in life—grocery shopping on a Saturday night. Neither of us can stand the insane crowds on Sunday, and since we really didn’t have anything better to do, we figured why not?

On our way home, we picked up Red Robin to-go; I got the “Avo-cabo” salad, but failed to take a picture.

I was up bright and early this morning and enjoyed a cup of pumpkin coffee while catching up on some blog reading.

Sunday Snaps14_2

After finishing my coffee and a bowl of cereal, I headed upstairs to get ready for BodyPump and I stumbled upon this:

Sunday Snaps14_3

Stewie is always this last one out of bed!

After Pump, I got ready to go to lunch with Chris’s family, then I came home to get cookin’. I got Courtney’s Crockpot Stuffed Pepper Soup going for dinner tonight, and then I made a little pumpkin treat for dessert:

Sunday Snaps14_4 Sunday Snaps14_5

It’s hard to believe these bars are a pre-made mix; they turned out absolutely heavenly! (I found the mix at Target, by the way!)

I’ll definitely be having ten one for dessert tonight!

In retrospect, this post should have been titled “Ode to Pumpkin” since 4 out 5 pictures included something pumpkin related.

Pumpkin… yay or nay?

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  1. Donna Komorosky says:

    I was going to buy that pumpkin mix at Target but decided not to, I guess that was a wise decision because they look delicious and I would have eaten them all.

  2. Lisa says:

    My dog is always the last one out of bed in the morning too! Sometimes he looks so cute and I don’t want to wake him but I need to take him out before I leave for the gym. :-) They have a tough life!

  3. Danielle @ It's A Harleyyy Life says:

    I can totally second this statement: . I have this horrible habit of starting the week on my “A game,” and then having an “ah, who cares?!” attitude by Thursday

    I’ve been wanting to try Courtney’s soup let me know how it is.. and I love that pumpkin mix! Must– get– it! (:

  4. Tessa @ Amazing Asset says:

    Though I do enjoy baking from scratch, those premade mixes are just fantastic some of the time! It’s still “real” baking to me (some semi-obnoxious people out there would disagree), and they really do always turn out great. I haven’t seen that mix yet, and i was just at Target, so hopefully it will hit this area soon!

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