July 2013 Kona Kase

Remember back in March when I shared a vlog reviewing my first-ever Kona Kase? No? Well you can check it out here!

The lovely folks from Kona Kase were kind enough to offer me another box, and a few weeks ago I received the July 2013 Kase.

Kona Kase1

Here’s what was listed on the info card:

  • Perky Jerky – an all-natural, premium jerky that is made with a seven ingredient marinade, including Guarana (hence the “perky).
  • Enjoy Life Seed and Fruit Mix – salty, sweet, and crunchy, it’s portable and protein-packed and features a blend of sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, and dried fruit.
  • Pro Bar Bolt Organic Chews – Loaded with electrolytes, B vitamins, antioxidants, and complex carbs, these help power you through a long workout.
  • Health Warrior Chia Bars – Each chia-packed bar has 100 calories, and just 5 grams of sugar.
  • Caveman Cookies – These are made with simple ingredients (honey, nuts, and berries), are all-natural, grain/dairy/preservative-free, and perfect for a post-workout snack.
  • Garuka Bars – These snack bars are packed with simple, wholesome ingredients; a percentage of the company’s sales goes toward gorilla conservation.
  • Barbara Llewellyn Granola – This granola is a combination of rolled oats, sliced almonds, sesame and pumpkin seeds, and sweetened with honey.
  • Body Glove Surge Gel – This gel delivers rapid and sustained natural energy and contains 150mg of caffeine.

Kona Kase2

The first thing I thought when I opened my box was “hey, where are my Caveman Cookies and granola?” Okay, maybe not really, but after I discovered the two things I’d probably enjoy most were missing, I was a little disappointed… not exactly sure what happened there!

As for the other items… I tried and liked the Perky Jerky, seed and fruit mix, and Garuka bar.

Kona Kase4

The Health Warrior bar was coconut flavored, so I knew I wouldn’t like it, but Chris loved it and immediately asked where we could get more.

Kona Kase3

I have yet to try the organic chews or surge gel yet. Since I’m not in the midst of training for a race/distance running, I don’t have much of a need for them; I’ll definitely keep them handy though, just in case!

Overall—despite my few missing items—I still really like the idea of Kona Kase. Receiving new items each month ($15/month, cancel anytime!) + discounts on those items should any of them become favorites is a concept I can get on board with!

Which, if any, subscription box services do you receive?

Disclaimer: I was provided with a Kona Kase free of charge in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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