What’s Beautiful: An Update

When I first joined the What’s Beautiful campaign (thanks to my partnership with Fitfluential), I set the goal of achieving a 5K PR. I wanted to update you all on how this has been going.


To be honest, I’ve made close to zero progress. But here’s the thing I realized…

I really don’t care about a PR.

To me, running is a challenge whether I’m running an 11-minute mile or an 8-minute mile (I’ve never done that). I’m content to just be out there and I consider every run (regardless of how fast or how long) to be an accomplishment.

UA Run Tank

This has led me to revise my goal for what’s left of the campaign:


The goal of maintaining and improving my strength and endurance relates to running as well as other types of exercise. While I’m not currently training for a race, I’d like to keep my running ability at 4-5 miles. Yes, actually running is a major part of this maintenance, but classes like BodyPump and spin help too!


This is a goal I know I can maintain (beyond the close of the campaign) and it’s something I actually care about.

Are you participating in the What’s Beautiful campaign? Have you reached any fitness-related goals lately? Are you working towards any long-term goals?

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    • 4thesakeofcake says:

      I feel like it took me so long to increase my mileage, that’s why I want to make sure I can maintain it to a certain point.

  1. Lauren says:

    I think, in the end, this is the meaning of the What’s Beautiful campaign. It doesn’t matter if you’re training for something or just want to become more active, you’re just taking a step for yourself to better your health. And ultimately, THAT’S what is important. 😀

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