Under Armour What’s Beautiful Campaign

What’s beautiful to you?

I very vividly remember the first time I realized I had “wide hips.” Is this weird? I must’ve been around 16 or 17, and I was checking out my outfit in a full-length mirror. Where had these hips and thighs come from all of a sudden? Okay, this isn’t a post about teenage growth spurts (thank God!) but it is about Under Armour’s What’s Beautiful Campaign, which I’m participating in as a partnership with Fitfluential.


I guess the whole point of my (irrelevant?) tangent is that if it weren’t for my “thunder thighs”—said with love!—that I once viewed as a negative, I never would’ve been able to train for and carry myself a full 13.1 miles.

Erica race1 Erica race2

The What’s Beautiful Campaign encourages female athletes—of all ability levels—to declare a goal and just go for it, whether it’s something big or small, short-term or long-term.

My goal? Set a 5K PR!

Since I’ve been running shorter distances post-half marathon, I want to work on increasing my speed and running a sub-30 minute 5K. I know that’s not fast for some, but goals should be individualized and this is something that will take work for me to achieve!

The What’s Beautiful Campaign allows participants to document their journeys—through photos/videos/etc.—and offers prizes to top performers. Swag bags are given away weekly, and 3 grand prize winners will get a trip to Costa Rica for a 4-day yoga + surf retreat.

I think the real goal of this campaign goes beyond winning prizes (they are some pretty awesome prizes though, aren’t they?!). What I like most about the What’s Beautiful is the sense of community that’s developing. You can join teams—I’m on a bunch of different teams myself—and motivate others to reach their goals while also working towards accomplishing your own.

Consider this your formal invitation to join me—and many others—and be part of the What’s Beautiful Campaign!

What’s a current health/fitness/life goal that you’re working towards?

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