Top Chef – Episode 7 + a Giveaway!

Hello everyone! Well, we’ve almost made it to Friday. This week has been crawling along, even though I’ve been pretty busy! Have you all been busy finishing up stuff for Christmas? I can’t believe I still have stuff to do; it’s very unlike me. Tomorrow is a half-day at work, so I plan on finishing (almost) everything then!


Although I’ve been busy, I still set aside time to watch last night’s Top Chef episode. Did any of you see it?

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The Quickfire Challenged required cheftestants to blindly choose their ingredients (they were all wrapped in foil) and cook only with Reynolds wrap aluminum foil (no bowls/pans/pots/etc.).

I love using aluminum foil – it makes cleanup so easy – so I was excited to see what everyone came up with.

The chefs got super creative and even made bowls and strainers out of the foil!

Chef Kristen took the win for her almond and chocolate sponge cake (yes, a cake baked in foil!).

For the Elimination Challenge, the chefs were paired up and required to challenge one another, head-to-head. For their dishes, chefs had to feature berries and cook enough to feed 150 guests.

The winner of the challenge was Kristen, who made a goat milk custard with tayberries (I had never heard of tayberries before this episode!). This was the second week in a row where the Quickfire winner also won the elimination challenge. (Last week, it was Brooke.) As challenge winner, Kristen walked home with $10,000!

Danyele was the chef that was sent packing this week. I kind of had a feeling it would be her, as she was in the bottom last week as well.

I really enjoyed this episode! It was especially fun to see former competitor, Stephanie Izard, return as guest judge. I’ve been reading so many great things about her Chicago-based restaurant – Girl and the Goat.


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Now, time for a giveaway for you all! If you’re an avid Top Chef fan, you may know that Food & Wine magazine has been a sponsor for quite a while. Well, to celebrate the season of giving, I’ve got one, 12-month subscription to Food & Wine to giveaway!

To enter this giveaway, leave a comment on this post either a) sharing your favorite holiday recipe (links welcome!) or b) sharing your favorite Top Chef challenge moment.

This giveaway will be open until 12:00PM on Monday, December 24. I’ll announce a winner Monday evening, just in time for Christmas! :-)


And before you go, here’s a preview of what’s to come in episode 8:

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  1. Sara says:

    My favorite holiday recipe is my vegetarian taco dip – I always seem to make it at Christmas time when my family is together. Ingredients: 1 package boca soy crumbles, taco seasoning, shredded lettuce, low fat sour cream, salsa, Mexican cheese. Cook soy crumbles according to package and add taco seasoning. Layer crumbles, sour cream, salsa, shredded lettuce and cheese. Serve with tostitos scoops. :)

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