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Hey everyone!

I’m glad (but not surprised) that so many of you share my love for Panera. I’m already thinking I might have to make another stop this Friday after some more Christmas shopping (and I won’t pass on the cinnamon crunch bagel this time!).

Recently, I’ve been tagged by Angela and Danielle (and I’m afraid I’m missing someone!) in two of the various awards that circulate throughout blog-land.

In order to save myself some time (hey, can you blame me?) I’m just going to share some random facts about myself with you all, since that’s what most awards usually ask of recipients!

1 – I heat up my car for a good 10-15 minutes every morning before going to work.

Yes, our house has a garage. No, we haven’t installed the opener yet! haha All of the wiring and everything is there, we just have to get the actual opener. I’m thinking of putting this on my Christmas list for Chris, since I’m getting pretty desperate.

Going along with that…

2 – Chris and I couldn’t move any slower on “home improvement” projects if we tried.

I have “home improvement” in quotes since we live in a brand new house. However there are still certain things – like installing a garage door opener – that need to get done.

3 – I pick out my outfit for the impending work day before going to bed each night.

And for the nights when I don’t, I curse myself in the morning.

4 – I teach at the same high school I graduated from.

All this means is that I’m super cool.

5 – I plan to make these in the very near future.

I can’t say enough wonderful things about Sarah’s blog. She comes up with the most creative and delicious recipes!

6 – I love all things Bravo.

It’s truly unfortunate that we have to pay for all of the cable channels when we really only need Bravo for me and ESPN for Chris.

7 – I wish it were acceptable to wear my hair in a ponytail every day.

But then I’d feel “lazy.” :-(

8 – I started this off thinking I’d come up with 10-11 random facts, but I’m stuck.

I guess I’m just that boring! 😉

There you go… 8 7 things you never cared to know about me!

What television channel do you watch most often?

Do you pick out your outfits the night before? This has to be pretty common, right?

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  1. Lauren says:

    Okay, I totally feel ya on the ponytail thing. I even work in a gym and I have a hard time throwing mine back because I always feel so unpolished when I do.

  2. Jessie says:

    Love these type of posts. It’s always so fun learning more about one another! I just find it to be pretty awesome that you teach at the same school where you graduated. Where exactly did you graduate if you don’t mind me asking?
    Jessie recently posted..What I Ate WednesdayMy Profile

  3. Anna @AnnaTheAppe says:

    Wow you’re organised, I tend to think about what to wear while I’m either out on a morning run or in the shower. I need to see the weather before!
    Yep I heat my car up like 10 mins before getting in it, otherwise the first few mins of the commute are very painful hehe.

    • 4thesakeofcake says:

      I leave myself very little time for any missteps in the morning, especially since I have to be to work so early. Having my outfit picked out the night before definitely saves me a few minutes!

    • 4thesakeofcake says:

      Omg, I can only imagine when I have children. I’ll be lucky to ever make it out the door on time. I have enough problems on my own!

  4. Stephanie @ My Freckled Life says:

    To be honest, the only time I’ve ever picked out my clothes the night before was always before the first day of school. I’d lay them all out on my floor (underwear and all) in a human looking form. Now, I just sleepily grab whatever I reach first in my closet. And then try on about 10 more outfits until I decide on one… maybe I should try this night selection thing!
    Stephanie @ My Freckled Life recently posted..WIAW: Honeymoon EditionMy Profile

    • 4thesakeofcake says:

      I always plan to dress as warm as possible because I’m constantly freezing! I swear the AC is pumping in my classroom year-round!

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