WIAW – Week 27

TGIW! Ok, so the weekend is still two days away, but I’m starting to draaag and am just happy we’re at the half-way mark!

Half-way through the week = What I Ate Wednesday. Jen’s theme for this month is “Fall Into Good Habits.” I think next week I’ll plan to do a post on my good habits as well as my not-so-good habits and how I can improve them. What do you think?

For this week’s WIAW, I actually photographed my meals from Sunday. Admittedly, this was far from a “perfect” day (if such a thing exists!). I definitely indulged a bit more than usual – I probably didn’t need a dessert after lunch and dinner! – but I thought it’d be interesting to show you a weekend instead of a weekday for a change.

BreakfastBaked oatmeal with a glass of skim milk



Milk is an unusual breakfast beverage for me, as I usually drink coffee. I was loving milk this past Sunday though; I had another glass later in the day!

Snack(Unphotographed) pumpkin muffin; iced coffee

After church, my mom gave me a plate of pumpkin muffins she had made and I had one right after I got home. (I did take a picture, but it seems to have disappeared!) The muffins were delicious and required only three ingredients – a box of spice cake mix, 1 can of pumpkin, and 1 cup of water. I’ll probably make them myself (and add some chocolate chips!).

I made it until about 1:00PM, before I “needed” my coffee for the day. I stopped at Dunkin’ Donuts on my way home from grocery shopping and got a small iced.


LunchHalf an Italian sandwich with cracker chips


I was hungry after grocery shopping, so I immediately dug into this sandwich that Chris had picked up early from a local Italian place. (I saved the other half for Chris; he really loves these sandwiches!)

Dessert #1Pretzel M&Ms


These were an impulse buy at the checkout. Pretzel M&Ms are my second favorite, right behind the peanut butter ones. My only question… why are there only like 10 M&Ms in a bag?!

DinnerBaked potato soup with a roll


I was so happy dinner had been going in the slow cooker all day because the majority of my afternoon was spent doing stuff for school. It was nice to just be able to stop, pour myself a bowl, and get back to work!

Dessert #2Small Oreo Blizzard


Dairy Queen got me again! This was so worth it though. Sometimes when I get a Blizzard, the mix-ins are only really at the top. This baby was packed with Oreos till the very end!

Aaaaand, now I want a Blizzard. 😉

What’s your favorite kind of M&M? Why are they so good? WHY?!

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  1. Lauren says:

    Oh Lord, I haven’t had a blizzard in ages but I was ALL OVER the Snickers Blizzard and loved when it was packed with snickers. Now I’m suddenly craving one. Oy! :)

  2. Alysha @Shesontherun says:

    M&M’s are dangerous. I got them in pretty fall colors last year for our candy dish and I ate them all the time. They are one of those things that I can’t really have in the house. I think it’s the “I’ll just have a few” but you’re doing it multiple times a day and it adds up!
    Alysha @Shesontherun recently posted..My New Office CompanionMy Profile

  3. Jana @ Newly Wife Healthy Life says:

    Everything looks amazing! You may not think it was the ‘healthiest’ day, but sometimes we all need a yummy day like that for our mental health! :-) I really want to give that pumpkin muffin recipe and your potato soup recipe a try! As for my favorite m&m’s, my favorite is peanut!

    • 4thesakeofcake says:

      DD iced coffee is THE BEST! My closest Dunkin is probably about 5 minutes away too, but it’s in the opposite direction of my work so that keeps me from going every morning! haha

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