Baked Potato Soup… Worth Another Mention

Happy Monday everyone!

I always find myself to be most productive on Mondays, anyone else? I always start off determined to be on the right foot for the rest of the week. So far, so good.

Yesterday afternoon, I referred back to this recipe and began prepping one of my favorite baked potato soup recipes.

Even though I blogged about this recipe for the first time almost one year ago, I figured it was worth another mention since I’ve welcomed many new readers! Plus, I’ve simplified the directions a little bit.

This crockpot recipe comes with a disclaimer, though. This is not one of those quick, throw everything in and go recipes. I highly recommend trying this recipe on a weekend – like I did – or when you have ample time in the morning. It requires potato peeling, bacon cooking, and onion chopping, so make sure you leave yourself enough prep time.






Topped with some additional bacon and served with some crunchy bread!

See, once the prep work is completed it’s not too bad!

This is the perfect recipe for the impending cold weather. Chris even commented on how hearty it was and the fact that it filled him up.

What’s your favorite soup? Feel free to link to any recipes!

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