Hamburger Festival

Today, I had the pleasure of experiencing my first “Hamburger Festival.”

Let me explain…

The Hamburger Festival is held in Hamburg, PA, once a year (this was the ninth annual). There are over 25 hamburger stands, as well as various vendors and entertainment. There’s even a national hamburger-eating contest, sponsored by Red Robin! (You can read more about the festival here.)


We’ll get to what I ate at the festival in a minute, but first I wanted to share my breakfast.

Although the high for today was around 90*, I was craving a bowl of hot oatmeal, so that’s what I went with. I cooked up 1/2 c. oats in 1 c. skim milk. I also added in one (very ripe) banana as the oatmeal was cooking.

Toppings included a sprinkling of chia seeds, peanut butter, cinnamon, and honey.

Breakfast1 Breakfast2 Breakfast3

(Oh, and of course I had some pumpkin spice coffee on the side.)

I wish I weren’t out of bananas so I could duplicate this breakfast tomorrow!


Ok, now onto the good stuff…

My uncle, aunt, and younger cousins live in Hamburg and happen to have just moved to a house that sits right in the middle of the festival.

This was the scene from their front porch:


This made everything pretty convenient for the whole family to swing by and enjoy the festivities!

The options were overwhelming; with so many different types of hamburgers to choose from, it was difficult to decide where to stop and actually eat.

A few of us decided on purchasing burgers from the Penn Werner stand.


I wanted to go with the portabella mushroom burger, but it also had caramelized onions which I’m not a fan of. When I found out that the onions were mixed in with the mushrooms and couldn’t be left off, I decided to go with the Texas Tim burger… grilled hickory ham, smoky BBQ sauce, and melted cheddar cheese.


It was so good, and now I want to check out the actually Penn Werner Hotel, since I’ve never been before!

My cousin’s husband, Chad, decided to try one of the most unusual burgers at the festival – the Luther.

HamburgerFest6 HamburgerFest2

A bacon cheeseburger with two glazed donuts as the bun!

I was also tempted by a few of the dessert options:


I spent quite a bit of time contemplating one of those fried Oreos, but decided I really didn’t need it, especially since I had a small cup of cappuccino gelato (which was very good!).

As I mentioned earlier, there were all sorts of vendors in attendance, and I stopped to chat with a woman at the Great Dane rescue for a bit.


The spotted one is trying to be a lap dog!

These dogs were so adorable and so sweet! The woman I talked to said the dogs are on a raw meat diet, but if they were getting dog food, they’d be eating 2 cups, twice a day!

After circling around the festival, we headed back to my aunt and uncle’s house for a bit before heading home. I was glad I got to attend the festival, as I had heard good things from my parents about last year’s! While I’ve never been the world’s biggest burger fan, I’m slowly coming around. I wouldn’t mind recreating the Texas Tim at home sometime soon!

Does your town/area have any local events similar to the Hamburger Festival?

Have you ever tried a fried Oreo? It took every ounce of willpower in me to decide against one!

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    • 4thesakeofcake says:

      I know! I thought that sounded good too, but there wasn’t really anywhere to sit and eat and I was worried it would be too messy! A mac and cheese fest sounds like heaven on earth haha

  1. Jessie says:

    Hamburg is such a cute town. Love it! Sounds like y’all had such a wonderful time :) I’m not sure I would’ve been able to pass up fried oreos or funnel cakes, but props to you for doing so xo
    Jessie recently posted..GAME DAY!!My Profile

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