Sweet ‘n’ Sour Turkey Meatloaf

Hi there! I hope everyone enjoyed a nice day off & 4th of July yesterday. My day was pretty low-key. Chris & I had to purchase a washer/dryer during the day, then we went to his parents’ house for dinner in the evening.

This morning I was up bright & early for BodyPump. I had plans to go to the 6:00AM class on Tuesday, but I overslept. I think I was still recovering from moving! I was determined not to ignore my alarm this morning though; it had been over a week since my last Pump class!

We did the newest release this morning & it’s definitely a challenge. There were some jumping squats involved & let’s just say it wasn’t cute.

I have a few unrelated things I want to cover tonight, so pardon the randomness of this post!

First, I wanted to review my June goals. (I know, I’m a bit behind.) To be honest, I didn’t do so hot…

1) Try out more new recipes.

I did so-so on this one. I’ve tried a few new things, but not as much as I would’ve liked. Now that we’re somewhat settled in our new place, I plan on continuing this goal throughout July, especially since we have a nice, big kitchen!

2) Bake more often.

This was pretty much a fail. I think the only thing I baked throughout the month of June was Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies. These were delicious (& only $4.85 for the mix from Swanson!) but it was a mix, not from scratch. I already have something earmarked to hopefully bake this weekend.

3) Work up to running 3 miles.

I can definitely run 2 miles straight, but not 3. If I’m shifting blame, I’m going to blame my lack of success on the weather. I’m really not a fan of the treadmill, & it’s just been too hot to run outside. It looks like the weather may be cooling down a bit next week though!

4) Work on strength training independently.

Total fail. I didn’t go near the weight section of the gym once in the month of June. I have been pretty consistent with BodyPump though.

5) Drink more water.

Success! I’ve definitely been upping my water intake, partially out of necessity to survive in these super-hot temps.

I’ve decided not to do a separate goals post for the month of July. I still have some things I want to work on from my June goals, so I think I’ll stick with those that weren’t so successful.


Next up, I have a new recipe to share with you all. As I was unpacking earlier this week, I started flipping through an old cookbook & found a recipe for sweet ‘n’ sour meatloaf. Of course, I made quite a few tweaks & adaptations, but I think my version turned out wonderfully!


Pretty simple, right? I love meatloafs because they are so easy to prepare. Throw everything together, pop it in the oven, go about your business, & enjoy. This one will definitely be added to our rotation!


Last but not least, I have a few house photos to share, as promised. I figured I’d start with the master bedroom & bathroom.

 From our bedroom door. Don’t mind the boxes or dog toys scattered about!

I hope to turn this into a little dressing/make-up area. Let’s see what Chris thinks about that… 😉

View from the bed.

Nice big walk-in closet with plenty of room; looks like it’s time to go shopping!

View from the bedroom looking into the bathroom.

Whirlpool tub that we’ll probably never use because we’re too cheap to pay for the water to fill it! (I only wish I were kidding.)

Double sinks… praise the Lord!

Stall shower, a first for me!

As you can see, things are definitely a bit bare & “sterile” looking… & they’ll probably stay that way for a little while. Furniture that looked gigantic in our apartment looks dwarfed in the new house. We’ve got quite a bit of space to fill!

What’s one thing you would have in your dream bathroom? How amazing would heated floors be?! Not in these temps, of course, but in the winter?! Perfection!

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    • 4thesakeofcake says:

      We were excited to use it but then a rep from the builder told us it would take a TON of water & now we’re kind of like ehhh maybe we won’t be using it too much!

  1. Michelle (Better with Berries) says:

    Yayy for your new home! Even though moving can be annoying, I love being able to rearrange and have everything perfectly organized in the beginning :-) I recognized that dress in your closet right away – it’s the one you’re wearing in the photo above!

    I would LOVE heated floors in the winter! I also would love it to get REALLY cold in the summer when I’m drying my hair :-)
    Michelle (Better with Berries) recently posted..Zucchini Pizza BitesMy Profile

  2. Karen says:

    Both your bedroom and bathroom are huge!! In my dream bathroom I would definitely have heated floor! I also want a really big shower with jets everywhere that spray water at your from all directions…if only I was a millionaire :)
    Karen recently posted..My Fitness Bucket ListMy Profile

  3. CJ @ http://healthy-happy-whole.com says:

    The house is coming along so nicely! and your june goals may have gotten derailed because you were BUYING A HOUSE! haha kind of a major life change!
    My dad is a bit of an extremist and he actually has a heated toilet seat.
    I am not going to lie it is pretty nice to wake up to when its freezing and you dont feel like getting cold out of bed, but still not necessarily on our list of MUST HAVES in our home haha
    CJ @ http://healthy-happy-whole.com recently posted..We Only Have One LifeMy Profile

    • 4thesakeofcake says:

      A heated toilet seat?! That’s awesome! I would definitely appreciate it most on a early winter morning! :-)

  4. Caitlin says:

    Yes, a heated bathroom in general (or super heated because mine does have “normal” heat but it’s not enough) for the winter time would be great. I dread every end-of-shower moment! Argh, always freezing! Totally had a zebra shower curtain like that in junior year in my dorm (that kind of shower too). The master bedroom looks so spacious! I think you’re smart for continuing to concentrate on the June goals. Don’t want to set up TOO many! Better to have a few that you can concentrate on. Oh, and I am so in love with that dress hanging in your closet (and the closet in general) on the right. I can see you wearing it in your sidebar pic :)
    Caitlin recently posted..Fashion Friday (That Feels Like Tuesday)My Profile

    • 4thesakeofcake says:

      Not only do I love that zebra shower curtain, but my HUSBAND does too! lol It’s actually a cream/brown color, not the usual white/black, so maybe that helps?

      And thank you! The dress is Lilly Pulitzer & I bought it especially for my bridal shower last year!

    • 4thesakeofcake says:

      Kudos to you! I won’t venture out unless the temp is somewhere in the 70s, which it hasn’t been for quite a while!

  5. jessie says:

    Thank you so much for sharing a few pictures of your house. It’ll all start coming together before you know it :)

    & Thank you for the recipe as well. Sounds so simple, and delicious!

    Hope you guys have a great weekend <3

  6. Ashley @ Is Horrible says:

    Keep the house pictures coming! Looks like you’re gonna need a king size bed just to fill your bedroom now :) I love seeing how other people decorate. I’m definitely guilty of taking design tips from all the model homes we saw while shopping for our house. They are professionally decorated after all!

    One must-have for my dream bathroom, which I’m super excited will be part of our house, is a separate “throne room” for the toilet with a window. I like being able to hide the least glamorous part of the bathroom, two people can use the bathroom at the same time, and the window helps it not feel like you’re sitting in a closet.

    • 4thesakeofcake says:

      I know! Actually, that’s a brand new bedroom set that my parents got us as our wedding gift (besides the actual wedding haha!) so sadly, I don’t think we’ll be upgrading to a king anytime soon! I have some other ideas for how we can fill up the space though; just gotta save those pennies to do it project by project! :-)

      That’s a great idea for a bathroom!! We actually looked at a house that had a separate toilet room & we liked that!

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