Memorial Day Weekend

Happy Memorial Day!

I managed to pull myself away from the stack of book reports I’ve been grading (fun, fun!) to check in with a little update on my weekend!

Yesterday morning I headed off to BodyPump, which was followed by some quick grocery shopping. Chris & I had stocked up on quite a few items at BJ’s on Saturday, but I still needed a few more things so a trip to Target & the grocery store was necessary.

Yesterday evening, we headed up to my parents’ house for cookout #1 of the long weekend. It was just my parents, Chris, & myself, but there was plenty of food & I left with a full belly!

My mom & dad tried out a new method of grilling chicken – beer can chicken. Have any of you ever heard of/tried this before? If not, simply google “beer can chicken,” & plenty of recipes will come up! You can even purchase special beer can chicken holders – Target sells one that’s only $3.99.

This method helps prevent the chicken from drying out & I’d say it was definitely a success. I could notice a difference in the taste of the meat, & it was delicious!

Along with the chicken, we had potato salad, green beans, bread, & baked parmesan tomatoes.

My mom had actually forwarded me the recipe for the baked tomatoes weeks ago, & I kept meaning to try them but never got around to it. I’m glad she made them because now I know they’re a winner – they make the perfect side dish!


Of course, no meal would be complete without dessert – that’s where Chris & I came in. I love to bake, & would have enjoyed making something, but there simply wasn’t time this weekend! Luckily, there was a plethora of desserts available at BJ’s, so Chris & I went the pre-made route with a white chocolate mousse cake.

It was quite good, but also super rich! I couldn’t quite finish my slice, but Chris happily gobbled it up for me! :-)

This evening, Chris & I are headed up to his parents’ house & then it’s time to settle in for another work week. At least it’s a short one (& only 9 more days to go until summer break!).

What’s your favorite kind of cake? As far as boxed mixes go, I love funfetti! If we’re talking bakery/homemade, I’d probably go with red velvet!

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