A Busy St. Patrick’s Day Weekend

Hey everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful St. Patrick’s Day weekend. Even though my weekend felt like it flew by (boo!), I enjoyed myself & found some time to relax (woohoo!).

Let’s back track a bit to Friday…

I mentioned in Thursday’s post that Chris & I were heading to Baltimore to visit his sister & brother-in-law Friday night/Saturday. This is a trip we take every year & we always have a great time.

I didn’t snap any pictures, but here’s a quick run-down of the tasty eats enjoyed throughout our visit:

  • Friday night – chips/veggies + dip, cheese pizza
  • Saturday breakfast – peach French toast casserole, fruit
  • Saturday lunch – sushi

Let’s talk about Saturday’s lunch for a minute…

We usually go to a bar/restaurant called Mama’s on the Half Shell, but since it was St. Patrick’s Day, we decided to avoid the bar scene & instead went to Edo Sushi.

I really like sushi, but haven’t had any in forever, so I was really excited for this meal.

We got 4 different rolls to share between the table & finished the meal with tempura ice cream & a honey banana… so good.

Now, Chris & I are on the hunt for a good, local sushi restaurant, but there aren’t many around us (Reading, PA-area). I’m thinking of trying Go Fish!; any locals have recommendations?

After a long drive last night & a quick pit-stop to pick up the pug at my parent’s, Chris & I finally arrived home. I quickly unpacked & was in bed by 10:00PM; I was exhausted.

After eating so much on Friday & Saturday, it felt good to get things off to a good start this morning with some overnight oats & coffee.

I used the rest of my Sunday morning to catch up on some blog reading, then eventually headed to church & Target/the grocery store with Chris to stock up for the week.

I wasn’t all that hungry before grocery shopping, but I did have a pineapple Chobani in an effort to avoid “hungry shopper syndrome.”

After our trip, Chris & I stopped at Starbucks for a mid-afternoon pick-me-up:

By the time we arrived home, I was starting to get hungry but knew dinner wasn’t that far away. Enter: snack time. Chris’s sister had this wonderful cheddar cheese which she put out as a snack, & we made sure to pick up some of our own at the store. I reverted back to one of my favorite college-days snacks & sliced up some cheese to enjoy with reduced-fat Triscuits.

After spending the rest of my afternoon working my way through laundry & schoolwork, Chris ran out for some Chipotle, which means I was reunited with my long lost burrito bowl!

Last but not least, dessert tonight came in the form of Courtney’s Marbled Irish Cream Cupcakes.

I mentioned in Thursday’s post that I took a shortcut with the frosting. Instead of making the frosting from scratch, I simply added Irish cream liqueur to store-bought cream cheese frosting. It turned out wonderfully, although I’m sure the homemade frosting is amazing, too! Side note: I’ve shared these with a bunch of people, & they were a hit with everyone – definitely worth making even though St. Patrick’s Day is over!

Phew! Sorry for being so long-winded, but I wanted to catch up on everything that’s been going on. Off to enjoy what’s left of the weekend!

What’s your favorite kind of sushi?

How did you spend your St. Patrick’s Day weekend?

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    • 4thesakeofcake says:

      Overnight oats are a must-try! It might take a little bit to get the consistency you like, but they’re SO good!

  1. Laura says:

    I think Go Fish is delicious, but I have actually heard Tokyo (the old Denny’s by Old Navy) has the best sushi in Reading. Haven’t tried it there though. I gave Nathan a sushi making kit for Christmas and bought fresh fish from the Go Fish market and we made it ourselves. It was fun & so much cheaper!

  2. Whitney L says:

    Not sure where in the Reading area you are, but there is an AMAZING sushi restaurant in Royersford called Veekoo. It may be a bit of a drive, but it’s totally worth it. Make reservations and arrive early – it’s always packed. It’s BYO, also, which is always a plus.
    My husband grew up in the Reading area and his friends that still live there rave about Go Fish. Good luck!
    Now I’m seriously craving sushi, which is not the best thing when you’re 6 months pregnant :)

    • 4thesakeofcake says:

      Yes, we did! Chris’s sister used to live in a big apartment complex right down the road from there. We were actually talking about how nice the houses around there are! :-)

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