Getting Back on Track

Hello, friends.

Can you believe the weekend has already come to a close? There’s a small chance of freezing rain overnight tonight & I have to admit it would be pretty amazing to start off the week with a 2-hour delay, but I’m trying not to get my hopes up.

Today was such a fun day, it’s making it even more difficult to say “goodbye” to the weekend.

The day started off with a very tasty breakfast. I used the same “recipe” for my cake batter overnight oats, but instead of using yellow cake mix, I subbed in chocolate & added in a small scoop of chunky peanut butter this morning. Chocolate peanut butter pie oats? Yes please.

These unfortunately didn’t photograph well, but trust me, they were delicious!

After church, I headed down to King of Prussia to meet up with some fellow bloggers — Pam from Pamcakes & Coffee, Sally Anne from Paleo Runner Girl, & Colleen from Jimmy Choos on the Treadmill.

We had lunch at Rock Bottom Brewery & did a little perusing throughout the mall. It was great to meet these ladies in person & have some time to chat face-to-face.

After a fun afternoon, I unfortunately had to head home to a pile of grading! I always seem to put off my most daunting tasks until the last minute on Sunday night which makes the impending week even tougher to face. I have a few more piles of quizzes to get through, then I’m watching Kourtney & Kim calling it a night.

As I get ready to kick off a new week, I got to thinking about some exercise & eating habits that I want to take a look at & improve upon.

While I haven’t had any major weight gain, I have noticed a few pairs of jeans starting to feel snug here & there. I don’t usually weigh myself – I prefer to gauge “where I’m at” based on how my clothes feel – but I did step on the scale this morning & realized I was up a few pounds. After some consideration, there are three things I want to focus on this week to help myself get back on track.

#1) Increase workout intensity

I fell into a bit of a rut last week with not feeling well & taking the night off of spin Wednesday & BodyPump on Thursday. I love routine, so breaking that up made me feel less motivated at the gym for the remainder of the week. Group exercise classes are important to me because I feel like they push me more than when I workout on my own. This week, I want to do my best to stick to my “normal” workout schedule & increase the intensity of my solo gym sessions, too (even though I’m still not feeling 100%).

#2) Be more mindful of snacking

I think one of the reasons for my packing on a few pounds is thanks to my after-school snacking. This past week it seemed like I was eating double-snacks – one at work after the kids left for the day & then another once I arrived home. I eat plenty at lunch, so I shouldn’t need to double-up like that only a few hours later. I’m going to try to either limit my afternoon snacking to one item (around 200 calories + protein!) or, if I feel the need, having something small when I get home rather than downing a tortilla smothered with peanut butter & Nutella.

#3) Monitor sweets/desserts

It’s not secret that I love desserts & have a raging sweet tooth. I usually like to have something sweet every night after dinner, but looking back I realize I went overboard a few times this past week. Something as small as limiting (not eliminating) my sweets usually helps me to see a difference in how I’m feeling.

Alright, folks; that’s all I’ve got. Enjoy your Sunday evening!

Do you ever feel like you need to “get back on track”? If so, what are some of your strategies? Please share! I’m sure we can all benefit. :-)

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  1. Ellie@Fit for the Soul says:

    Great, healthy strategies! I never really feel like I need to “get back on track”, but more like I just want to keep going and improving in every way possible. :) However, once in a great while I’ll try to monitor my sweets more.

  2. Nikki says:

    Schools around here were closed today! Hope you at least got a delay! As for getting back on track, I really need to do so. I need to find myself a healthy balance of eating and working out to make myself happier!

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