Easy Black Bean Enchiladas


Before we get into that, let’s have a quick look at what’s been going on the past few days!

Yesterday was, for the most part, a “typical” Sunday… Church, Target, the grocery store, etc. I did have a nice meal out at Iron Hill Brewery with my friend Sara, but I completely forgot to snap any photos!

I was lucky enough to have today off of work, & I started my day at around 7:30AM with a trip to the gym. After Saturday’s delicious dinner & a meal out last night as well, I was definitely in need of a little sweat session!

After 45 minutes on the elliptical, I made a quick pit-stop at Target (I always forget one or two things on my weekly shopping trip) & picked up some Starbucks “perfect oatmeal” for Chris & I to enjoy for breakfast.

You just can’t beat Starbucks’ oatmeal! Lucky for me, Chris opted not to add in the mixed nuts, so I’ll be able to enjoy those in my overnight oats tomorrow… woohoo! (It’s the little things…)

Chris & I spent an hour or two this morning cleaning, & before I knew it lunch time rolled around.

Even though I didn’t snap any pictures last night, I did photograph my leftover parma pizza – prosciutto, wilted spinach, mozzarella, asiago, & garlic sauce.

So, so good!

And finally, onto tonight’s dinner…


I enjoyed my enchilada atop a serving of brown rice & with some plain Greek yogurt.

Simple, cheap, tasty. Yes, yes, yes.

My lunch is packed & my overnight oats are soaking away for tomorrow morning. All that’s left is a little bit of ironing & last minute preparations for the week, then I’m ready to watch Real Housewives of Beverly Hills get a good night’s sleep. 😉

Did you have today off of work? If so, what did you do?

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  1. Pamela says:

    That is so funny that you went to Iron Hill Brewery because I was just saying today how I’ve been wanting to go there again soon! I love their food (and beer)! 😉 The enchiladas sound great. I’m planning on making chicken enchiladas one night this week with B. We seem to be on the same page with food! By the way, sent you guys an e-mail!

    • 4thesakeofcake says:

      I hadn’t been to Iron Hill in so long! And I’d never been to the one in Phoenixville, only the one in Newark when I was at UD!

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