Dunkin’ Donuts Oatmeal

Happy Saturday people! :-)

This week was a long one for me, so I spent last evening relaxing with Chris & Stewie, eating Hawaiian pizza, & watching TV… the perfect Friday night in my opinion.

This morning I was up around 7:30AM, headed to the gym for a quick workout, then was off to get my hair done (hi-light + trim) & Shellac manicure.

I only have a few minutes before I have to start getting ready for a special dinner tonight, but I wanted to pop in to share my thoughts on the new oatmeal available at Dunkin’ Donuts.

I tried DD’s new oatmeal for the first time this morning, & I suspect it’s their answer to Starbucks’ “perfect oatmeal” (which I love).

I ordered the cinnamon-sugar with dried fruit & was pleased, but not overly impressed:


It was good, but slightly runnier than the oatmeal available at Starbucks. Plus, the mix-ins were added in for me, whereas Starbucks allows you to control how much is added in by providing everything in individual packets. Starbucks also provides mixed nuts as a mix-in, which wasn’t available at Dunkin’ Donuts.

Here’s a shot of the two brands, side-by-side:


                        Starbucks                                                     Dunkin’ Donuts

Overall, I’d definitely prefer Starbucks for the taste & staying power, but Dunkin’ Donuts always wins out in the affordability category!

And now, I’m off to get ready… I’ll fill you all in on tonight’s dinner in tomorrow’s post!

Have you tried either Starbucks “perfect oatmeal” or the new oatmeal at Dunkin’ Donuts? Which do you prefer? Do you have a “go-to” drive-thru breakfast? I’m a big fan of DD’s veggie egg white flatbread sandwich.

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  1. Julie H. of Spinach and Sprinkles says:

    Starbucks looks a lot more delicious, I like a thick oat though and being able to control the things I would put inside of it. If the price is right for DD though, that helps out a tad…. I’m hoping for a low key Saturday night :)
    Enjoy your Saturday, Erica! …Special dinner?! Hope it goes perfect!

  2. Eileen Klang says:

    Haven’t had either of these, but I do LOVE the McDonald’s oatmeal with fruit!!! p.s. just had the eggwhite flatbread yesterday and it was Awesome!!!

  3. Pamela says:

    I actually just tried the Starbucks oatmeal last week with dried fruit and brown sugar when I went in for my Misto! I’ll have to try DD to compare. I also had the McD oatmeal on our way to Vermont, and I was pleasantly surprised!

  4. Sarah says:

    I love the Starbucks Oatmeal and HAD NO IDEA DD’s even had oatmeal!! You must live in a test market and I’m kind of jealous. They are promoting those awful for you (but tasty) sausage pancake bites right now in Boston.

    • 4thesakeofcake says:

      I don’t think I’ve seen those around here! I love their hash browns which I’m pretty sure fall into the same category as the sausage pancake bites you speak of! :-)

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