Christmas Kick-Off

Phew; it’s been a busy two days! I never got around to posting last night because I got home from dinner & immediately started wrapping presents & didn’t stop until about 10:00PM! Yikes! Anyway, let’s back track a bit…

Yesterday I had a half-day of work, & then it was officially Christmas break! Woohoo! This means no work until January 3 for me. :-)

Last night, my friend Sara & I went out to eat at local restaurant, Austin’s. I got Chris to snap a photo of me before I headed out for the evening:


  • Blazer – The Limited
  • Leopard print shirt – Target
  • Black scarf – Target
  • Jeggings – LOFT
  • Flats – LOFT outlet
  • Flower headband – LOFT outlet

My dinner choice was something out-of-the-ordinary for me – pulled pork!


I wouldn’t normally have gone for this, but it sounded really good for some reason! I was able to choose two sides & went with the apples & mashed potatoes. It was delicious, & the best part was there were leftovers for lunch today.

Dessert was a delectable slice of cheesecake:


It was a fun night & a good way to kick off Christmas break!



I slept in this morning, waking up at 7:30AM instead of 5:00AM – a nice change of pace! I love that throughout the next week I’ll be able to go to the gym whenever I want & I won’t be “forced” to go after a long day of work. This morning, I attended a spin class.

After the gym, I had a few last-minute holiday errands to run & immediately got started on breakfast once I arrived home.

I whipped up some “boatmeal” that I based on this recipe from Chocolate-Covered Katie. I added in some chocolate chips & pecans, & enjoyed a Starbucks misto on the side.



This was my first time trying a misto, which had gotten rave reviews from one of my fellow bloggers, Pam!

For those of you that don’t know, a misto is a combination of coffee & steamed milk. I went with the Pike Place roast (which was the lighter of the two they had brewing) & skim milk. I also requested a pump of peppermint syrup to give the drink a little Christmas flair!

I really enjoyed the drink & plan on making my own at home this week. I actually have a milk frother (Chris’s parents got me one for my birthday last year!) so all I have to do is brew some coffee & froth some milk… done & done! :-)

The rest of my afternoon was spent on this…


…but we’ll get to that tomorrow. 😉

For now, I have a little bit of kitchen clean-up to take care of, then an early bed time. My head’s been bothering me a bit this evening so I think some quality Chris/pug time is in order.

What’s your favorite Christmas cookie?

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  1. Pamela says:

    I’m glad you liked the Misto! :) I really want to buy a milk frother because it would make a huge difference when making my own at home. Also, I love your outfit! I have a black headband just like that which I bought at the LOFT outlet earlier this year. We will definitely have to go to LOFT next month!!

  2. Lauren says:

    Misto’s are awesome and so much more reasonable than buying latte’s every SBux trip. I actually prefer them because I like my coffee drinks strong and often the latte’s are too sweet. Merry Christmas Erica!

    • 4thesakeofcake says:

      I was pleasantly surprised by how much cheaper the Misto was! I’m definitely going to go with that instead of a latte from now on!

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