Holiday Gift Guide: For the Fella

If you’ve missed my first two holiday gift guides, check them out below:


Is it just me, or are guys the hardest to shop for?! Unless I have a “big-ticket item” in mind for Chris (read: a guitar), I usually end up purchasing a random assortment of items he might like. Hopefully, if you’re in that situation, these gifts might give you some helpful ideas!

Collegiate/NFL/MLB Glassware

I love gifts that can be customized, & all of this glassware can be! You can choose your guy’s favorite team, & get his name or initials engraved on the glass of your choice!


Pottery Barn, $20-$30

Customized Jersey/Sports T-Shirt

Another great gift idea for a sports fan! My mom actually ordered a shirt for Chris with our last name on the back a few Christmases ago & Chris bought customized t-shirts for a few of his groomsmen as bridal party gifts for our wedding! I even have a customized Phillies shirt that Chris got me as a wedding gift (complete with my new last name)!

(source), t-shirts starting at $21.99

A Nice Sweater

I know this seems like sort of a boring “go-to,” but if your guy is anything like Chris, he’ll be able to appreciate a nice sweater. Chris’s favorite? Anything argyle!


Old Navy, on sale for $25.00

Tickets to a Sporting Event or Concert

Does he have a favorite band or sports team? Check out sites like Ticketmaster or Stubhub to see what’s available! Sometimes I think “experience gifts” like these, are the best! (Side note: Last year Chris & I received tickets to see American Idiot on Broadway, & we loved that gift!)


Prices will vary

Sodastream (or another “fun” appliance)

If the guy you’re shopping for happens to be a soda addict, then consider the Sodastream! Chris has one & loves it! In case you’re wondering what the heck a “sodastream” is, it’s an at-home carbonated water/soda-making contraption! There are also tons of different-flavored syrups that you can get for your guy to sample!


Available through various retailers, such as Bed Bath & Beyond, starting at $79.95

Guts & Glory: The Golden Age of American Football, 1958-1978

I can’t take credit for this; I got this gift idea from the latest issue of Real Simple magazine, but doesn’t this book sound awesome?! I don’t even like football, but I feel like I’d enjoy flipping through the pictures in this book. This might be the perfect gift if you’re shopping for an older gentleman who was/is an avid sports fan throughout the 50s, 60s, & 70s!


Available from, $31.49

So it’s time to share… what are YOUR best gift ideas for guys?

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  1. Donna Komorosky says:

    I can testify, the engraved glassware is nice, remember I bought the glasses and bowl for Scott as a Christmas gift engraved with his name and the Redskins logo.

  2. Lindsay @ biking before bed says:

    Completely agree that guys are the hardest to shop for. I have used the ticket idea for my brother many times. We are going to a concert in Philly for his birthday/Christmas this year. A dinner reservation at a steak house is another good manly gift.

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