Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


I already shared what I’m thankful for in last night’s post, so be sure to check it out!

I think I’ve mentioned at some point in the recent weeks that Chris & I are going to both my family’s Thanksgiving, & his family’s celebration as well.

I’m definitely a believer of in indulging, especially on these once-a-year holidays, but I also know that I have to have some sort of “plan” to not go completely overboard today, especially after yesterday’s sugar coma.

I was forwarded this article a few weeks ago. Essentially, a study done through USC claims that: “People who snacked using their [non-dominant] hands reduced about 30% of their total [snack] intake, compared with those using their dominant hands…”

I definitely think I will try out this tip for any pre-dinner snacks/appetizers… seems simple enough & I imagine that it might work too!

As for the rest of the day, I came across these tips on fitsugar.com:

1) Don’t Skip Breakfast

I’ve already had a pre-gym banana, an English muffin, & some Chobani with granola; I’m eating as I normally would, & I think that’s important!

2) Stick to Veggies for Appetizers

Don’t mind if I do; & I think I’ll eat them with my non-dominant hand while I’m at it! 😉

3) Watch your Alcohol

I’m actually planning on sticking to water today. Admittedly, I love diet Coke, but at all-day events like this, I feel totally nasty after consuming glass after glass of the stuff. I’m not saying I will only drink water, but I’m planning to make that my primary beverage for the day!

4) Talk to your neighbors

Well duh, who doesn’t talk to their family while they’re eating Thanksgiving dinner?!

5) Tasting Menu/Take a Tablespoon of Each Dish

I like this idea, but I think I might have to change this to two or three tablespoons of each dish (& maybe 10 4 of potato filling!). I definitely like to sample a bit of everything, so taking small samples will help me to avoid the overly-stuffed feeling.

6) Keep a Bit of Food on Your Plate

The good old “stop when you’re full” rule – hmmm, interesting concept. 😉

7) Have a Piece of Pie, but Just the One

Desserts are definitely the hardest thing for me to resist & where I foresee the biggest obstacle today. Both my Aunt & Chris’s family will have delicious options, I’m sure, so I’m going in with the “one dessert at each house” mindset & we’ll see how I do.

When all is said & done, it’s a once-a-year food-and-family-fest, so I plan to enjoy!

Have a great Thanksgiving everyone!

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