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Last Wednesday, Sally Anne tagged me in her “7 Facts” post! Now, it’s my turn to share 7 things about me that most of you may not know. :-)

#1) I’m obsessed with having things organized.

Well those of you who actually know me in “real life” probably already know this! I have to keep everything neat & organized & I can’t stand a mess. Oddly, though, this is only for things that are visible to others. For example, the top of my desk at work is neat & clear of clutter, but as the year progresses the drawers get out of control!


#2) I was a history minor.

I did mention this fact a while back; I was sharing with you all my fascination with the Kennedys! I really like history, especially when I can learn about things that I’m especially interested in!


#3) I used to want to live in New York City.

When I was younger, I desperately wanted to live in NYC when I “grew up.” I also wanted to be a writer for a magazine. Neither of those plans came to fruition, but that’s okay with me. While I really love visiting NYC, I don’t think I’d want to live there permanently anymore.


#4) I love Minnie Mouse!

Okay, hear me out… Not in that Disney-crazed kind of way. On my first trip to Disney World (I think I was 5), my parents got me a “Baby Minnie” stuffed animal that I kept for the rest of my childhood (& adult life for that matter). I’ve already told Chris that if we ever have a daughter (in the far away future) she will definitely be Minnie Mouse for Halloween.


#5) I’m awful at sports.

I think I’ve tried every sport there was to try growing up – soccer, basketball, field hockey… I was just not good. I definitely do not excel in sports, but at least that doesn’t stop me from being active! :-)


#6) I took dance lessons through the age of 18.

I took tap & jazz classes when I was young, but started taking strictly tap classes around the age of 13. I stuck with it through high school. This was something I really enjoyed growing up & I guess it made up for my lack of athletic ability. 😉


#7) I make up songs – about everything.

This is something that isn’t just a fact about me, but about my entire family. We’re “musical,” if you could call it that. I consider it a talent that I can make up a song at the drop of a hat. Stewie is playing with his favorite toy? I can make a song about that! Chris is picking out what to wear to work? Well that requires a song too! Isn’t Chris such a lucky guy to be subjected to honored with my musical talents each & every day?!



What’s an interesting fact about YOU?

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  1. Donna Komorosky says:

    Believe it or not, I am sure the making up songs comes from the “Klang” side of the family. I can remember Grandpa always making up and singing songs when I was a little girl. I think Dad just picked it up from you, me and Corinne doing it all the time. And of course you know that me and Aunt Tisa are with you when it comes to tap dancing!

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