Mid-Week Check In + Ask Me Anything?

Hey guys!

I had the intention of blogging last night, but that quickly went out the window… whoopsies!

I met my friend Sara for dinner, and we ending up staying out until about 8:30PM. By the time I got home, blogging was really the last thing on my mind—I was about ready for bed! What can I say? I’m a wild child.

Surprisingly, this work week has passed pretty quickly! Tomorrow is my last day of work before a three-day weekend—woohoo!—and I get to wear jeans. I also think some Dunkin’ Donuts coffee might be in my future. Looks like Thursday is shaping up to be a good day!

So far this week I’ve worked out (BodyPump x2!), ate some yummy food, and tried to squeeze in some Easter planning. I offered to make a potato side dish for Easter dinner, and I also want to make a dessert. I spotted these Nutella Cream Eggs on Pinterest, and I think I might need to give them a try. I’ve never made any kind of cream/peanut butter egg, and for some reason it’s intimidating to me!

Other than that, I can’t say too much has been going on—just keeping busy and trying to make it to 4:30PM tomorrow! ;-)

Since we can’t make this a pictureless post, please enjoy one of my favorite photos of Stewie:

So tired Stewie

And one more thing before I go…

I was thinking of do a vlog (similar to one I saw on Colleen’s blog a few weeks ago) where I answer random, reader-submitted questions. Would anyone be interested in hearing me ramble? Got a question? Feel free to leave questions in the comment section, or if you’d rather, e-mail them to me at 4thesakeofcake@gmail.com. If I gather enough, I’ll try to put together the vlog next week!

Have you ever made peanut butter eggs? Do you have a go-to recipe that you follow?

Do you have a question for me?!