The Move

Hey everyone! I hope you all had a great MDW.

So I mentioned in my post last Tuesday that we’ve moved to a new state.


Yes, Chris, Stewie and I have taken up residence in Massachusetts. I hear they have nice weather up here (help me). Actually, it is really nice right now. I’ll just pretend winter will never come!

So why are we here?

In late-September, Chris was approached with the opportunity to apply for a promotion within his company. The caveat was that the job was located in western Massachusetts. He applied—not thinking too much of the whole thing—and made his first visit to MA in late-October to interview.

In November, he returned for a second interview and was offered the job. He didn’t formally accept the position until mid-January, and there was a lot that went on between November and January and then from January through May.

Prior to our decision, we made two visits to the area together. After struggling with the “right” thing to do, and quite a bit of back-and-forth, he decided to accept.

He started working in MA in mid-February. I stayed behind while our house was for sale; thankfully, we were able to find a buyer in just a little over a month. My part-time job became managing the logistics of our move—I can’t imagine if it were cross-country; a few states away was stressful enough! I was able to stay at my job through early-April, and then I had a few weeks off to get organized prior to moving up here myself on May 1st.

I was lucky enough to find a job in mid-April, and I started working again the Monday after my move.

I feel like there are so many details that went into this huge change, but it’s hard to know what’s even interesting enough to share! The past 8 months are sort of a blur—they passed so quickly because there was so much to do, and so many milestones to work towards: move Chris, sell the house, leave my job, get a new job, move myself—I was always working towards the next thing, and now here we are—almost halfway through 2015.

We are currently living in a 1-bedroom apartment while our belongings are in storage. To say it’s an adjustment to go from 4 bedrooms to 1 is an understatement. If all goes as planned, we’ll have more space soon!

Finding a home has been the last hurdle to get over before we can say we’ve made it through the relocation process. We’ve got something in the works, but I don’t want to jinx it, so I’ll share more when I can. I’m optimistic that we’ll be in a house at some point this summer; we have no choice because all of my winter clothing is sitting in a storage unit outside of Boston!

Although… that could be a good excuse to go shopping! :)

Have you ever relocated?

What are your priorities when it comes to finding a place to call home? For us, it’s 2 bathrooms and some AC! Also, nothing that needs too much work because we just aren’t into that kind of thing. The walls in our old house stayed white for nearly three years, except for one room that I painted.